Copy the link to the online version; you’ll need that to send out your upgrade. Screenshot showing information about a pdf file Next, we’ll need a popup. The Sumo app has built-in popup feature you can use to create a popup for your new upgrade. Install the app or plugin on your WordPress. Shopify or Bhutan Email Lists WooCommerce site, go to the settings, enable the popup, and create your first one. Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Note: Make sure you set it to only open on the page you’ve created the upgrade for (i.e. the cute hiking outfits article). Screenshot showing popup settings page on the Sumo dashboard Finally, connect your

List Building Principles – How Do These

Popup with your email marketing platform. If you don’t have one, you can use Sumo’s email autoresponder to deliver your content upgrade. Set up an automated email that goes out to anyone who signs up for the upgrade. Make sure it includes the link to the PDF we copied earlier. Then you’re all set! Bhutan Email Lists Pro tip: It’s even better to set up a fully automated lead nurturing campaign. This is  Bhutan Email Lists  a sequence of several emails that go out over a few days, weeks, or months that “nurture” your leads into sales. More on that in a moment. One more important note — Europe recently released their GDPR law, which affects your site visitors’ privacy.

List Building The Easy Way To Do It

It affects you no matter where your website is located, since chances are, people from Europe will hit your site at some point. It basically requires you to get explicit consent Bhutan Email Lists from your lead opt-ins. All Sumo opt-in forms come with a GDPR compliant opt-in box you can add to your forms, so you don’t need to worry. THE PURCHASE STAGE Screenshot showing a marketing funnel Buyers in this stage: Are Bhutan Email Lists ready to buy, but aren’t sure if you’re the best company to buy from. Who’s in this stage? Visitors aware of your existence. They have a problem, need, or pain point, and know you’re a candidate to solve it for them.

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