BlendJet runs a Shopify store that sells the world’s most powerful portable blender. You can take the blender to the gym, office, school, traveling, and more. I could explain how good their blender is, or I could let BlendJet’s crew show you in 48 seconds why their blender is perfect for making fresh smoothies. Shakes, margaritas, or baby food on the go. Like a lot of other Shopify stores, BlendJet was losing a lot of sales when people added their product to the cart. But then left the store without buying.

List Building-The Importance

Here’s the story of how they did it: First, they got a 14-day free trial of Sumo and installed the Reduce Cart Abandonment Shortcut on their site. They then ran a Google Optimize experiment to test if it would increase or decrease their conversion rate. The result from their first day? Revenue increased by 10.1% (increase from $3,739.34 to $4,118.94) Conversion rate increased by 16.7% crear correo de estados unidos. Here’s a screenshot from inside Google Analytics of the test they ran on the first day of their trial: Screenshot showing. Stats with and without sumo After seeing the results, Ryan Pamplin

Of Building Your Email List

And John Zheng at BlendJet, ran Sumo’s Reduce Cart Abandonment Shortcut on their site for the full 14-day trial period. In the first 14 days, Ryan and John added 3,000 new email subscribers to their list. Screenshot showing the sumo dashboard. That’s 3000 email subscribers that would have otherwise abandoned their cart and left the site. And because the offer is based on the behavior of the visitor (not just some random annoying popup) it converts at 29%. That’s 19x the industry average conversion rate of 1.5%. Of the 3000 emails, 1336 converted into new customers, adding $63,861 to their Shopify store’s revenue

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