Automatic Email Responder from Costa Rica Phone Number List your percentage discount to your whole dollar amount discount. Screenshot showing Sumo email responder settings d) Change the subject line and heading on your Automatic Email Responder from your percentage discount Costa Rica Phone Number List to your whole dollar amount discount. Screenshot showing an email creation page on the Sumo dashboard 16. Go to Test > Add New Variation and change the same four sections that you updated in Step 15 for your free shipping offer.

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Screenshot showing Sumo popup tests 17. Sumo’s software will monitor your test results and alert you on your dashboard when your test. Has hit 95% statistical significance for at least seven days so you don’t need to monitor your test every day. Screenshot showing Sumo Costa Rica Phone Number List on your test results, go to Forms > List Builder > Tests. You can then declare your own winner at any time by clicking on the Use This button. We recommend waiting until one of your test variations reaches at least 95% statistical significance before declaring a winner.

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Screenshot showing Sumo settings As you can see there is a scientific approach you can take. To test what type of discount strategy works best for your business. Create your first discount popup with a percentage off Create two test variations using a whole dollar amount and free shipping See which discount offer gets you more conversions. If you’d like help setting this test up for your own eCommerce business, click here to apply for a 1-on-1 session with one of our Ecommerce Experts., or to set it up yourself click here to install Sumo on your website.

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