To get rid of this, there are two things you should do: Remove Share from your homepage unless you have 500+ social shares. For social proof to work properly, it needs to boast impressive numbers. If your homepage doesn’t have at least 500+ shares, disable your sharing buttons on your homepage all together. Open your Sumo dashboard, go into the Share app, click on the Display Rules tab, then click Add New Rule. Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Add a Not Show rule for your Homepage: Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard It’s as simple as that.

Concerned About Email Conversion Rates

Once you’ve added that one display rule you’re done! Set a share count minimum for your products and content. We take conversions seriously, so Sumo  direccion de eeuu   has social proof gatekeeping built right in. You can set a minimum amount of shares on your product and content pages before the share count is shown. Log into your Sumo dashboard and open Share. You’re up at 2:30 AM hanging out in front of the tube in your Snuggie and find yourself captivated by an infomercial. “That egg slicer sure would make your life easier

Opt-In List Building: How It Works

Go to the Settings tab, and scroll down to Share Counts. Set the Show Share Counts Minimum to 50 or 100 (we set ours to 50), and press Save: Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Woot! Now you’ve banished anti-social proof from your website. Use scarcity to push “on the fence” customers right over the fence – into your waiting arms (or at least, into cart fulfillment). Design tab of your form and add a Countdown timer to trigger scarcity

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