Time slots and days numero de telephone portable maroc of the week to begin your A/B testing and record everything you find. USE A/B TESTING TO NARROW DOWN YOUR SEND TIMES For all you beginners, A/B testing is not as scary as it sounds. It just means numero de telephone portable maroc that you’ll send a portion of your list a slightly different variation (B) of your original numero de telephone portable maroc email (A). So if you’re testing out the best day to send your articles, you could send the same email to half your subscribers on Tuesday and the other half

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morning, compare numero de telephone portable maroc the stats from both attempts to see which day performed better with your audience. You could also test out times in a similar manner. If you know your emails perform better on Tuesdays, test whether they crush numero de telephone portable maroc it early in the morning or later in the evening. It’s important that you only change one variable at a time (such as the day or time, but not both) so you can draw objective conclusions as to why one email performed better. After A/B testing their send times alone

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also improved their click through rates by 22.6%. Screenshot showing marketing test results After a few rounds of A/B testing, you’ll have a much better understanding of your audience and easily do the same. If you’re not learning anything valuable from A/B testing. These 12 reasons for your low open rates could be to blame. If those aren’t in order, it won’t matter what time or day you send your emails. increased their open rates

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