Celebrated on the third Monday in February, President’s Day is fast approaching. Whether you’re selling goods or services, at Instant Email Copy we’ve come up with the most effective email marketing strategies you can use to clear inventory, increase website traffic, and increase sales. around this often overlooked federal holiday. Each year, Thailand Phone Number we are led to reflect on the immense impact that our presidents have had on our culture and our society. These trailblazers were strategic thinkers, and a lot of it boils down to: how can we as marketers up our game by thinking about these public figures?

Day Email Content With These

In our business, we have recognized that the most successful. Campaigns that generated the most clicks and high revenue on President’s Day. Last year were the campaigns that had pre-teaser sales, BOGO (buy- one, get one free, half price, etc.) and offers sitewide. Justuno targeting accounted for over 50% of the total revenue. Generated by one of our clients on President’s Day last year. Associated with these promotions, many e-merchants take advantage of this holiday to empty their winter inventory and connect in a fun way with their customers. Below are some proven ways to make the most of that underused vacation.

Get Your Limited Time Offers Together

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This goes for any holiday – before you do anything. Have a list of limited time offers you can pull off so you have a campaign almost ready to go. Discounts work well during the holidays and consumers expect them. This is super important because your competitors will probably also enjoy the holidays. You need a substantial offer just so you don’t fall behind, let alone stand out from the crowd. Even if you can’t hold a massive President’s Day sale. Consider offering free shipping on orders over a certain amount, or including an extra small gift with the purchase. Even a little foresight can mean extra sales for your business.

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