You have an organized approach to developing content. Now you can focus on building those backlinks. Start by finding websites that are already ranking for the keyword terms you are looking for. Tap the contact form for each one and just start a conversation. Ask them if they have trouble creating content. Everyone does it. Show that you are a real and vulnerable person. This reduces the susceptibility we all have to spammers. Are there any follow up points they would add? The relationship must be real. Advertising Continue reading below. Once you have a relationship. You can ask if you can create content on their site. Start by requesting a link.

This is the basic version of this conversation.

Ask by pointing to a specific Luxembourg Phone Number phrase on a page where the link makes sense. This allows them to easily copy and paste the link. Send them a Starbucks card as a thank you. Then make sure and comment on their post often. Read the blog. Become active on their channels. This is the basic version of this conversation. Here are some of those other methods to earn links. Focus on shareable content. These are all easy ways to get more exposure. Expert roundups work well. Link to the experts interviewed. Tag them in social shares. Send an email and ask them to share and link. News jacking is a method where you take breaking news and turn it into content. Focus on freshness. Find content with links pointing to it and create a better version.

Luxembourg Phone Number

This is where you can improve your process using software.

Link to other blogs and sites in your article. Then tell them you linked to them in the story.  All winning connections need humans to fuel awareness. This is where you can improve your process using software. Advertising Continue reading below Use reliable tools to improve your speed and spin. You can use a handful of tools that will improve your life. The tools only serve to speed up your process. They are not magic pills that will solve your problems. Remember that software improves the SEO process. It does not make a process. If you have a process that works, use tools to make it faster or more efficient. Tools and software only improve what you already do.

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