If you have one, send them a simple guide to using Malta Phone Number List your product. You can also show them (again) the benefits of using the product to create the anticipation of receiving it. Here’s a setup guide sent by SmartDesk to their customers. Screenshot showing an Malta Phone Number List email Email 3: Shipment. Inform them once you ship the product. You should provide them the Malta Phone Number List tracking code and estimated arrival in this email. To take this up another level, you can show them what to expect and even attach an unboxing video to the email.

With Opt-In Email Marketing

Here’s an email example by Fitbit to Malta Phone Number List inform the customer that their order is being shipped. Screenshot showing an email Email Malta Phone Number List 4: Get a review. Now you have done the groundwork. Send a final email to ask about their experience using the product and direct them to your product review page. To avoid bad reviews on your store, you can add another link that says “Click Malta Phone Number List here if you need support” or. “Contact us if your experience is anything less than great” where you can redirect them to a feedback form or support page.

Malta Phone Number List

Here’s an example of how Lazada Malta Phone Number List reminds customers to leave reviews. Screenshot showing a promotional email START USING EMAIL AUTOMATION TODAY If you’re not using behavioral email automation in your ecommerce store, you’re losing out. Besides Malta Phone Number List being an effective email marketing strategy, behavioral email automation allows you to Malta Phone Number List do more and earn more in your ecommerce business without hiring more people and increasing your overhead. It turns one-to-many messages into one-to-one messages.

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