Topics continued, and the Kuomintang began to actively mobilize. In the end, even the DPP Chairman Tsai Ing-wen officially called for “anti-evil”, which made the recall vote in the final stage extremely enthusiastic and urged 52% – the highest recall vote in history. In terms of recall votes, this is a fairly high electoral mobilization (the voter turnout for recall cases in recent years was 41.54% for Huang Jie; 28.14% for Wang Haoyu; 42.14% for Han Guoyu), which also means that the entire recall is the last. Still back to the result of the blue-green showdown. The reason why this recall vote has attracted nationwide attention is not only that the Yan family publicly staged the Prince’s Revenge, but it has already become a topic of news, and that this recall case is an indicator of changes in forces within many

political parties and competition between political parties

For the Kuomintang, the double-reed performances of Deep Blue, Korean fans and local factions have once again proved their powerful blackmail capabilities; for the DPP and the GPP, how to deal with the relationship between the big and small greens is a matter of division and attack in Norway Phone Number the Legislative Yuan. The strategy was thwarted as a result. In addition, for small parties, Chen Baiwei’s case shows that it is very difficult to break through and be elected under the two parties, but how to survive is even more difficult. For the Kuomintang and the Yan family, the only pressure to remove

Chen Bo was that they could not fail, which made the

Norway Phone Number

Party Central Committee and the Yan family hit it off, and they could perform impromptu double-reed performances without deliberate rehearsals. Chen Baiwei’s existence is like a stick in his throat. Now the Yan family and Korean fans are performing a revenge story together. Which is a breath of relief for Han Guoyu and the Yan family. ygj9hlfcmkqsjzow63wjprxg0hldxo Photo Credit: WebMD However. Judging from the very close votes between the two parties. The Yan family does not guarantee that they will be able to regain the political turf in the by-election. But it is a warning sign.

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