Frequently Asked Questions About Custom WordPress Development

Posted: 2020-12-17

Before diving into the questions, there is an important question to answer – “What is custom WordPress development?”


Usually, when talking about website building, people associate it with someone picking up a premium theme (something already created by other developers and sold for “per site” use) and setting it up on their WordPress website.

Then, through built-in theme page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver, or Avada’, the site owner creates their landing pages. And that leads to the first frequently asked question we’ll cover:

1. What is the difference between a custom website and a page builder?

In many open freelance job offers as well as on the sales pages of various WordPress agencies, web development companies or even SEO companies, you will find terms such as “Custom Web Design”, “Create a WordPress site” or “ I will design professional and responsive WordPress site”. However, whens like “Design Custo perk (which is obviously nice), but for just $50 for all the work.


Realistically, this is something that falls squarely under the “Page Builder” category. Why? Because the complete development of a new


Instead, you choose a premium theme that has its look predefined (or provides a set of options), then you build the pages with the provided tools, sections, and elements. Of course Belarus Phone Number can still work on custom graphics and images, but that often requires a second person to do the job.

Some of the differences between the two could be:

You can read this in more detail in this article: Custom WordPress Themes and Premium Themes – DevriX.

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2. Why choose WordPress in the first place?

Many business owners ask themselves this question before even getting in touch with a WordPress agency. And that’s a very valid question because there are so many solutions like fully custom systems with something like Laravel, Node, or even Django. But the thing is, for most jobs, WordPress is the perfect choice.


Some of the reasons to go with WordPress are:

  • It’s open-source. Well, technically most good CMSs are, so that’s not the main factor.
  • It’s time tested. It has been around for over 15 years, most of the issues one might face have been resolved, and it is designed to work with few errors on huge websites.
  • It’s PHP-based, so even if your development team is less experienced with WordPress, as long as they have PHP experience, a lot can still be accomplished.
  • There are a ton of high-quality WordPress development agencies out there.
  • It works great on large and small websites.
  • There are a ton of communit

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