It’s not fancy or technical. It’s not automated. All our reuse requires manual copying and pasting. Each instance of reuse involves some tweaking. Still, it’s been a great place to start preparing ourselves for more consistent reuse. How we are reusing our content Now that we have our content marketing examples organized and located in a single source, we can use them much more easily. Let’s follow the example of Airbnb’s Pineapple magazine: Initially mentioned in PNR: This Old Marketing blog post­­­­. pnr-podcast-blog-post ­­­­ Logged on “Examples” tracking sheet by the curation director who Austria Phone Numbers reviews it for fit, and edits/adds to the description for consistency and accuracy. Abbreviated version is above in example to show categories.

Collection of Great Austria Phone Numbers Examples

Selected by the community manager who tweaks copy for social, adds a screenshot, and posts to Facebook. Then adds Facebook URL to tracking sheet for future reference/use. Below Austria Phone Numbers you’ll see an example of what the example looked like in Facebook. Think how much more powerful a reuse strategy becomes as you scale and automate it across a larger group. But few (if any) start that big. Your intelligent content journey has to start where you are. Chances are that you have some Austria Phone Numbers kind of content you use for your editorial purposes. The e-book, 75 Examples to Spark Your Content Marketing Creativity, includes the Airbnb example: airbnb-ebook-example.

The Specific Austria Phone Numbers Person

Austria phone number
Austria phone number

A few notes about this approach: While we repurpose some examples in multiple channels. Not every example is used in every tactic or platform. In this case, we use the Austria Phone Numbers sample example but different text describing it for Facebook and the e-book – that is OK for our purposes. If you are using intelligent content to keep text consistent, you would need to handle things differently. As you can also see, not all of the information from our spreadsheet gets used every time. This Facebook post tags the specific person who provided the example while leaving out other details. Summary This is just the start of how we Austria Phone Numberss can use – and infinitely re-use – our content marketing examples. And we recognize that this is just simple, manual reuse – a few people copying and pasting easily available information.

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