I went to with my fiance. Subject Line: Thanksgiving Sale — 25% Off What Makes It So Good: It’s simple and to the point. What more could you want? It shows you south korea email list exactly what you’re a cool paintbar (a place where you paint and drink getting. If you know the south korea email list company and you like their product, this is a must-open email. What The Email Looked Like: Screenshot showing an ecommerce sale email 6. south korea email list Audible sells audiobooks you can listen to from anywhere.

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Show your product being used. Examples: Solo Stove:[*] Image showing a portable stove in action MVMT Watches:[*] Image showing a watch 3. Close-up on details/explanation shot These shots can show the product’s intricate details or how an aspect of the product works. south korea email list showing how a portable stove product works Pro Tip: Not all your photos need to be actual shots of your product! Sometimes graphics (like the one above) can help to explain your product from a different

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angle. You can draw out a rough south korea email list idea of what you’re thinking then use your in-house designer or hire someone on Fiverr or DesignCrowd to make this for you. Crayola Inspiration Art Case:[*] Image showing a crayola box Sony:Image showing a camera with two SD cards 4. Comparison shot These photos compare your product to something to show its size. This helps people see how big it is, to make sure it’s what they need (and lower the chance of a product return). Examples: Solo Stove:[*] Image showing

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