Think about what you want to achieve. “If you can’t explain to your customer why that product needs to exist in the first place. And why they should take it home or give it away,” says Byron, “then I think you’ve failed the customer experience.”  “About us”, “contact” and frequently asked questions pages. Of furniture brands Richmond Lam/GOODEE Byron. And Dexter decided to put their faces – as well as the faces and stories of their artisan partners. At the forefront of their brand. Human stories resonate with shoppers. Especially in the wake of a pandemic where the importance of supporting small businesses. And buying sustainably has become all too apparent. “In the last 15 months we have involuntarily found ourselves at home ,” says Byron.

The investment in the GOODEE story. Which strikes a balance between design and positive impact, resonated with the changing perspective of clients during the closing. Your story can set you apart from the big competitors . In this field, small companies with human support always win. Your About Us page can tell your origin story, highlight your brand values, share some of the faces of your team members, and find common ground with your customers. For furniture designers and builders, this is also the place where you can invite your clients to take a look at your process and inspiration. Contact information and FAQs are also important pages. FAQ pages are helpful for furniture companies, especially for shipping and returns information.

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And weight of many pieces of furniture. Shipping Kenya phone number can be more complicated and returns may not be possible. Clearly communicate your shipping and return policies here. And it makes it easy for customers to contact you with follow-up questions. Larger purchases often require additional assistance. When building all the pages and navigations on your site, keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind , which helps search engines like Google rank your site. Free Download: SEO Checklist Do you want to rank high in search results? Get access to our free search engine optimization checklist. Learning SEO will require an initial investment of time, but if done right, it will pay off in the end in the form of organic (free) traffic to your website.

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Customer experience: AR, 3D and applications for furniture stores The gradual shift to online shopping accelerated in 2020 , as many businesses were forced to move online and consumer habits shifted to shopping safely from home. We believe that these trends are here to stay. And technology is making it easier for furniture stores to offer a showroom experience online. In 2020, Shopify announced that it had enabled 3D and video file types for all stores. That means you can offer your customers a 360-degree view of your product or show the product in motion or in context. For example, a video of a person sitting on a sofa would demonstrate the level of firmness of the cushion, something that cannot be captured in a photo.

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In 3D can be a big upfront cost, but these are versatile image types that can be used over and over again in animations and demos. Additionally, 3D AR models have been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 250% when featured on product pages. To meet the specific needs of your business, here are some selected apps from the Shopify App Store to help you sell furniture online: delivery schedule Curie | Turn your photos into 3D Honeycomb Upsell & Cross Sell WishlistPlus Bold Product Options Diversify your sales channels Consider other ways to get your products to customers in a saturated market. If you are a manufacturer or designer, can you reach other geographic markets by selling your products wholesale?

If you’re a furniture brand that sells only online, this can be an easy way to break into retail. Pop-up retail is also a great option for antique furniture resellers, designers or manufacturers. Think of local open-air markets or trade shows . Large retailers often open pop-up spaces in their stores for emerging brands that complement their offerings. Also consider whether any social selling channels or marketplaces are right for your audience. As a furniture maker or vintage reseller, you can integrate your Etsy or eBay sales with Shopify to get the best of both worlds: your own dedicated site and access to potential buyers in the marketplaces. Marketing for your furniture and home decoration business Burst There is no single solution for marketing furniture companies. A good rule of thumb is to have the right message in the right place at the right time.


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