With Jukebox , card design from scratch or choose from a variety of templates. You can adapt each of them to include your name and contact information, as well as the colors of your brand. 4. Business Card Star Business Card Star Business Card Star is one of the best business card generators and allows you to choose from a wide collection of designs that are classified according to their style , for example “corporate” or “decorated”. You can personalize your cards with your brand and contact information in all of these categories: corporate designs elegant designs Decorated business cards Eye-catching business cards Geometric designs simple business cards Business cards with icons/images free business card designs.

Type in your contact information, enter your logo, and get a printable PDF that you can take to your local print shop. Tip : Print your business cards on letter size paper and then trim about 0.25 inch border on each side of the print and cut the cards to size 3.5 inches x 2 inches. You will get 12 business cards per page. Logos must be at least 600 pixels in height and width. Smaller logos will look pixelated. For best results, your logo should have a white background. DeGraeve. Offers a simple, single page business card generator. It is possible to select the text that you want to make bold or increase in size and you will be able to preview the design as you edit it.

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Canvas Canvas Canva , which is often Norway phone number used to create social media images, also allows you to create business cards. Choose one of the suggested designs or create your own from scratch. It takes longer to make business cards with this tool, but the great advantage is that they can be fully customized. 7.FreeLogoServices FreeLogoServices FreeLogoServices offers not only a logo generator but also a variety of business card templates. The templates are customizable and categorized by industry to help you find the best design for your business. It is possible to change or relocate each of the elements of a business card. 8. Business Card Land Business Card Land Business Card Land offers a simple business card generator with just a few steps. First, you choose your design.

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Then you fill out a form with all your contact information. And lastly, you customize the colors of your template to match your brand. 9. Design Mantic Design Mantic Design Mantic lets you choose from a collection of modern templates. Once you’ve chosen a design, you can add your personal information, upload your logo, and change the font or text color before printing. 10.Business Card Maker Business Card Maker Click on any of the card details to modify it. Double-click or select the text to change its font style, size, or font. Drag items using the dotted borders that appear when you hover over them. Resize the image or text box by dragging the bottom right corner of the dotted box.

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Business Card Maker has a collection of free full color business card designs. Each of them can be edited with a few clicks. You can upload your logo and move the text boxes before saving the file. Do you like your design? Don’t order prints yet. Have someone else take a look at it and check it out. Unlike a typo on a product page, mistakes made in print are impossible to change. How to create a business card template? Has it ever happened to you to lose a digital creation due to a technological failure after having invested a lot of time and effort? Autosave doesn’t always respond perfectly. When you create your design, you can also turn it into a free business card template for future use.

If you need to order more cards, make a change, or create cards for your employees, it’s easier and more cost-effective to go back to the original template instead of starting over. To create your template, save it in the program you’re working on and export it to your computer. Extract the vector graphic from the file so that you can open it in an Adobe program for future editing. Business card design template Templates are particularly useful when you’re in a bind and need to create a design on a very short notice. Here are some options you can check out: moo Vistaprint staples Adobe Zazzle Regardless of which business card maker you choose, the key is to be consistent and consistent.

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