For example: Training for former clients in which you offer an irresistible promotion; or you can send them by e-mail a super special and exclusive offer for having been your client before. Or you can even give them a call to just see how things are going. In this way an old client will have you present again. And, if he was happy with you in the first transaction. He will contact your company again when he needs it. To current customers Why are your current customers not going to continue buying your products? They already know your online store, they are happy with you. They know how you work and they are confident enough to buy from you again.

So why not think of new products or services that you can offer them? It is proven that it is much cheaper to continue selling products. To loyal buyers than to attract new customers to a business . But to implement this strategy it is important. That you know your customers perfectly and provide them with something that is really useful and valuable for them. These are two strategies that you must implement with your head. If not done well, these techniques could be perceive negatively by potential customers. And that could spoil the sale. Up selling is use during the sales process, providing the potential buyer. With arguments to offer them a higher quality product than the one for which they had shown interest.

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In case of success, a higher income is achieve on Japan phone number the sale. You will understand it better with an example: in many mattress stores. Even if you are interest in a normal mattress, they end up convincing you to buy a much higher-end one. Strategies to attract new customers Surely if you do a little memory, you will have found yourself in a similar situation. This up-selling strategy consists of what is commonly known as selling what interests you, because it has a higher margin or greater profit for the business. On the other hand, cross selling is a little different. In this case, what you have to do —when a customer buys a certain product from you— is to offer him another complementary product that better satisfies his need or solves his problem more satisfactorily.

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For example: if you have an online clothing store and someone buys some pants, suggest a t-shirt to complete their outfit. In this way, what you will be doing is increasing the transaction value of each of your clients. And that way you will get more income on each sale you make. 5. Establish strategic alliances attract customers to a business You may be thinking that you have already tried to implement this strategy and that it has never worked for you. TRUE. Most strategic alliances that are usually made by the self-employed or small companies are not fruitful. The reason is that they are articulated from the wrong perspective.

Up-selling And Japan phone number Cross-selling

To make strategic alliances that bring you good income, you must do the following: Avoid your competitors : although it seems obvious, NEVER ally yourself with anyone who is your competition, directly or indirectly. Focus on companies that address your same target audience : many times the mistake is made of collaborating with companies that do NOT target the person we are interested in. Therefore, they must be discarded from the outset. Don’t waste time or resources. Establish an action plan : when you sign the collaboration agreement, establish an action plan that commits both parties to carry it out. Collaboration must be useful for your customers : Always keep in mind that collaboration must be attractive, useful and of value to your customers.

Otherwise, it will not give you the expected results. Reflect on the strategic alliances you have so far and analyze if they are beneficial for your company. If they aren’t, break them and start over. If you are interested, meet with them, strengthen the bond and design a fruitful action plan. In the event that you do not have strategic alliances, think of the companies that could collaborate with you and contact them to propose alliances . 6. Do a lot of pedagogy to attract more customers Many times you offer your products or services believing that the client knows what needs or problems they have. Nothing is further from reality. Instead, you have to teach and show him what his needs are and what his problems are, so that he really sees and understands that he needs our product or service.

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