Try to use the shopper’s name and details about the product(s) in their cart. A few formulas you could use: [Name], complete your purchase of [Product] Did you Gambia Email List forget this, [Name]. Still thinking it over, [Name]? Hey [Name], complete your purchase in two clicks Forgot Something: [Name], did you leave this behind? Free shipping offer for [Name]. Hey [Name], your cart is expiring soon Gambia Email List [Name], complete your purchase in two clicks 5. THE ‘PRODUCT-RELATED’ SUBJECT LINES Using copy related to your product in your abandoned cart email subject lines can help

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Remind shoppers why they love your brand and wanted to purchase from you. Running shoe brand Asics could have used a simple, ‘Forgot Something’ subject; instead, they chose to go with something that aligns with their product. Don’t get left in the dust Another example of this Gibraltar Email List is alcohol subscription business, Whiskey Loot. Its brand is super fun and playful, so it uses the following subject line Gambia Email List for its abandoned cart email. Your cart is sobering up ‘PRODUCT-RELATED’ SUBJECT LINE FORMULAS Product-related subject lines are a little harder to create simple-to-follow formulas for.

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But try to think about how you can Gambia Email List use the copy in the subject line to connect your brand to completing a sale. In both the examples above, Asics and Whiskey Loot use words commonly associated. With abandonment emails like ‘cart’ and ‘left’ alongside copy that ties it Gambia Email List back to their brand. Whiskey Loot: ‘sobering up’ relates to alcohol Asics: ‘left in the dust’ relates to running a race Other ideas: Maps. We don’t want you to get lost! Food: Are you hangry yet? Linens: We still want to sleep with you! Coffee: Uh oh, someone’s going to have a case of the Mondays Shoes

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