It’s a way to sell products without physically storing, packing, or shipping your own inventory meaning virtually no inventory cost. The primary drawback to Honduras Email List dropshipping is limited branding and customization ability. You can’t control the packaging or any extra touches, like handwritten notes in the box. Your packages might look like the image below, with your note to “fake the Honduras Email List customs amount”. Uh-oh![*] Screenshot showing a shipping label Plus, if your supplier suddenly runs out of stock. You’re stuck with no products, you have back orders to fill, and potentially angry customers to calm. If you decide to hold your own inventory, you have

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Greater control over your branding and inventory management. But you also need to invest the money upfront to buy products and need somewhere to Honduras Email List stock, pack, and ship them (as well as the hard costs of the packing and shipping materials). When buying your own inventory, I suggest investing at least $100 if your supplier is local. Or $1000 if your supplier is far away (like a Honduras Email List manufacturer in China). Reason being, local suppliers have faster delivery times so you won’t be stuck product-less for a week or more if you run out. It’s a good idea to check out minimum order quantities and lead times when you’re finding sources for your inventory.

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PAYMENT PROCESSING: 2-3% Honduras Email List OF REVENUE Finally, we have payment processing. While not necessarily a cost of starting your business, all payment processors (including Shopify, Stripe, etc.) charge you roughly 2-3% plus $0.30 per transaction. All these Honduras Email List costs are important to keep in mind when choosing a product to sell and setting your Honduras Email List pricing. You have to make enough on each sale to still make a profit after marketing costs, product costs, processing fees, shipping fees, etc. Total Required Costs: With inventory: $140-$1040 With dropshipping: $40 And that’s all there is for REQUIRED

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