Screenshot showing an Etsy store For example. Etsy charges $0.20 per listing and also takes 5% of the total transaction cost, including shipping. Whereas eBay offers users up to 20 items a month for free, with each following item you list costing $0.35 to list. EBay sellers also pay 10% of the final transaction value back to the company. The Pros Of C2C Ecommerce Reach a wide market. C2B is when a customer sells a product or service to a business. And the C2B model has really come into its own over recent years.

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Low cost: Most C2C platforms will charge a listing fee for each item, and then take a percentage of the final sale. But these costs can be relatively low when you consider you’re not paying for your own domain, storefront, or advertising. Selling directly to customers: This often means Denmark WhatsApp Number List the seller is able to keep most of the profit. And the customer can get a better price than buying through an online store that would likely add a markup to each product it’s selling. The Cons Of C2C Ecommerce Payments: One of the biggest challenges for C2C businesses is taking payment

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Often sellers don’t want to send the product until the payment is processed, and buyers expect shipment right away. Though selling through sites like Amazon and eBay or using a service like PayPal alleviates this issue for most sellers. Lack of control: When you’re selling your products through third-party sites, you have little control over the design and layout of your product pages. You’re also susceptible to pricing and cost changes with little notice. Is among the least discussed types of eCommerce business, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an area filled with potential.

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