Creating content, scheduling posts, responding to comments from followers and monitoring statistics. The latter in particular is a challenge, but also important if you want to know whether you are on the right track with your strategy to achieve your goals. But where do you start? What stats should you pay attention to? And what is important? We help you on your way in this article by sharing 8 basic metrics.

Within marketing there are several elements that you can measure to gain more insight into the success of your strategy. These elements are called metrics. For example, you can distinguish them for your website, newsletter and your social media channels used. If you have not eaten cheese with metrics, you can quickly get lost in all the types. Thfographic below. It lists 8 important metrics for content marketing. Think of these indicators as the foundation that you should regularly look at. They give you a good impression of how your online activities are performing and what you achieve with them. You Manufacturing Directors Email Lists can collect these statistics in Google Analytics. Most social media channels themselves have excellent tools for tracking statistics.

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An important indicator of the success of your content marketing strategy is the source of your traffic. Where do the visitors to your website come from? Do they find you through a Google search, a campaign you’ve been running on Facebook for the past few weeks, or a Google ad that’s currently running? When you can map the source, you can respond to this in your strategy or with new content.

Time use

One of the other metrics for your website mentioned in the infographic is the time visitors spend on a particular page before leaving it (also referred to as “session duration”). If visitors are present on a page for a while, you can

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