Scarves are awesome, or why your handmade scarves are better than your competitors’. Key takeaway: Your customers all have different needs, and they’re each at a different stage in their relationship with your brand. Recognize the behavior that goes with each of these five segments,  elenco numeri telefonici francia  and plan your marketing accordingly. BENEFITS You can also segment people based on the benefits they’re seeking at any point in time. This is another segmentation method we used for Zoey. We offered her something that would be beneficial to her based on what she was going through in her life at the time.

Opt In List Building

She’s worried about becoming a parent and about childbirth. We offered her a bundle of supplies for the actual birth and a keepsake journal with parenting advice. I go to a coffee shop every day to work on my laptop. You can use this no matter your industry — just find a way to reward your most loyal customers. If you run an ecommerce store, check out this tool that allows you to start a loyalty program on your store. Customer Status This is my favorite type of behavioral segmentation

Is the Money Really in the List

They could partner with Starbucks to promote WeWork memberships, and I’d definitely take notice of these ads. Because being around other people while working is a benefit that I’m actively seeking. Last year, Sumo ran monthly webinars that promised to teach people how they could increase their traffic and get more email signups to their mailing list. We got thousands of attendees each month. How? We segmented our audience based on the benefit they were seeking at the time  and promised to teach people exactly how to do that. Here’s what our email copy looked like: Screenshot showing a

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