And the online store is not even exemple d adresse brésilienne built. That’s why I wanted to change this. Even though I was ready to sell and ship the products, I couldn’t present the unique selling proposition (USP) on my website. I didn’t have any images of final hand sprayed exemple d adresse brésilienne backpacks. I only had the clean ones from the photo shoot. Unfortunately, this wasn’t exemple d adresse brésilienne something I could change very fast. I wasn’t at home Monday to Friday and didn’t have the time and place to spray the products at the military base where I had to stay for the training.

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So I decided to build the Shopify exemple d adresse brésilienne store with placeholder images. Once I have some final sprayed images I will replace all the placeholder images. I had about two hours left before I had to leave to get to the military base. So I set my goal to get some key parts exemple d adresse brésilienne done on the website. Shipping Zone Apps Product Theme/Design Custom exemple d adresse brésilienne Domain Zone As I’ve started my business in Germany and don’t have plans to expand internationally soon. I only set up a shipping zone for domestic shipping. Screenshot showing Shopify shipping settings

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I set it up for free as I already exemple d adresse brésilienne included the shipping costs into my product price calculation. This allows me to advertise with “free shipping” which can help increase sale conversions. Apps For the initial setup of my store, I didn’t want to overtool it. I only exemple d adresse brésilienne wanted to have the most necessary apps for my online store. Screenshots showing Shopify exemple d adresse brésilienne apps As I’m selling to a European audience I have to make sure my store is GDPR compliant. This app allows the customer to request their personal data on my website and send a request to delete all collected data

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